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Version 2.3.5 August 13, 2001

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Inputs describes input files and command line parameters.
Outputs describes output files created by Linklint.
Hints gives hints on how to use Linklint.
How it works explains the basic operation of Linklint.
Index contains indexes of all input parameters and topics.

Linklint is an Open Source Perl program that checks local and remote HTML links. Example:

linklint -http -host -limit 1000 -doc dir /@

-http check site via HTTP requests (HTTP site check)
-host check the site
-limit 1000 bump up the file limit from 500 to 1000
-doc doc put all output files in the dir/ subdirectory
 /@ check entire site

But checking links is often more complicated than this. Even if you don't end up using Linklint, you will get a better understanding and appreciation of link checking if you read this documentation. Please read all of the documentation.

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